Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Afternoon Trading Post 8-28-09

Friday Afternoon Trading Post 8-28-09

18 coke bears….7 polar kwala and brown 744 4474

36 in larson storm door…missing glass insert but has screen..50 dollars….call 678 3089

Want washer and electric dryer….mainly washer..don’t have to match…236 3838 678 5306

Garage sale 452 W Plumb…today…..

Bob..want to buy small ranger … 5speed…can need work….also..geo mettro for parts 489 4995

Want a few round bales of hay..feeder pigs 678 0391

Looking for a boar..hampshire…ready to start using….forklift tcm to sell 3500 lb lift….3 stage lift….also ..gas engine…466 4504 461 2171

Kenmore upright freezer..15 years old..runs good….manual on freezer..75 dollars…white maytag washer…7 years old..light use…paid 400 for it…669 9532

It is a tool that milk truck drivers use to keep the milk crate stacks from falling over. We put these stacks on a 4 wheel dolly and put them into the semi trucks the truck drivers stick this tool in the middle of the crates where they all touch and it keeps it from falling over going over slight slopes or bumps. It is a very basic looking tool, kinda looks like a little metal table with 4 legs/prongs and a square base. Truck Chrome stacks

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