Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trading Post

Trading Post
Wild blackberries 238 east delta.
Akc male chihichi 275 bucks 452-2507
Looking for stand up air compressors… looking for good set 14 inch tires. Old guns.. 369-2118
Cedar chest .. 30 ft pole. Misc 678-3844
Utility trailer for sale. 678-5707
Looking for good used car..  office building for rent.  On s. Elliott. 678-3304
Female  440-0450
Looking for chevy ford. Pu.  Long bed..  258-2360
Need a second vehical.  Decent on gas.. etc..  motorcycle for sale.  Pu for 390 engine. 546-0848
Looking for a fan….  Has Baldwin organ 440-0483
Looking for privacy screen. 466-3100.  
Garage Friday and Saturday.  North of mt Vernon. North 3 miles.  Looking for maltese.  461-0294
Vacation bible school..  574-6431
Camper shell wtb… and wtb small pu..  .. wtb.. 98 to carvavan mini . wtb. Small utilitity 781-4938
Female pug.  250 bucks. 229-1341.
25 inch sanyo tv with remote.  Give it away. 678-2923
86 wide bed… .. truck..  commercial grade smoker on trailer.  369-2019.
Air condx at sears in aurora.
Bar nothing acres. Need a dump truck.. 744-4133.

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